Legal Centre News Volume 60 – Winter 2024 Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the release of the digital edition of our bi-annual newsletter for Winter 2024, Legal Centre News Volume 60!

This volume of the Peterborough Community Legal Centre newsletter features articles on a few of the many overlapping issues of inequality facing people in our community today, including:

  • The discrepancy between Ontario’s minimum wage and the living wage, and PCLC’s commitment to paying employees a living wage
  • A blog post written by a staff lawyer about her best day in court, at the Indigenous People’s Court in our region
  • An update on the sexual violence projects at PCLC, SHAPE and Your Way Forward
  • A blog post with 5 important things to keep in mind if you are experiencing stalking harassment at work

Unless otherwise credited, all images in this newsletter are from Canva and some articles include links to sources. These links are accessible on the digital copy of the newsletter and listed below.

What’s a Living Wage and Why Does PCLC Support It?

My Best Day In Court

Update on SHAPE and Your Way Forward Projects

5 Things You Should Know if Someone is Stalking You at Work