How We Help

You do not need an appointment. Please drop in during our walk-in hours. Service is on a first-come, first-served basis during walk-in hours. If you have letters or other documents that you want the Legal Centre to look at, make sure you bring them with you. The Legal Centre will make copies and give you back your originals.

You will meet with our Intake Worker who will ask you about your legal problem. Our Intake Worker will provide you with legal information and assistance. Sometimes our Intake Worker will help you by preparing and faxing documents for you. If the Legal Centre cannot help you with your legal problem, we will refer you to someone who can.

If your problem is more complex or requires representation, you may be referred for an appointment with a Legal Worker (a Lawyer or a student). The Legal Worker will determine what other services the Legal Centre can provide. You must be financially eligible to receive representation from a Legal Worker.

If you have a housing problem, you may be referred to our Housing Worker (a Lawyer). Our Housing Worker may help you by contacting your landlord, drafting an application for the Landlord and Tenant Board, representing you at the Board or assisting you at the Landlord and Tenant Board as Tenant Duty Counsel.

We operate a housing clinic on Fridays. Staffing permitted, we have a Housing Worker available on Friday mornings. If your housing matter is not urgent, you should visit us on a Friday morning. If your problem does not involve housing, you should visit us Monday to Thursday.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, your case will be handled on a priority basis. The Legal Centre may issue you with a legal aid certificate which will allow you to get 2 hours of free legal advice from a family law lawyer in Peterborough.

If you are experiencing an emergency, for example you are about to be locked out of your accommodation, you can walk in at any time without an appointment.

We have a large pamphlet rack in our waiting room. You are welcome to come in and browse for public legal education materials that may be useful to you.